Articles and Literature about Gurgaon


The times of India, daily updates.

The economic times, daily updates.

Forbes India Magazine.  Gurgaon, how not to build a city. August 2, 2012. K.P. Narayana Kumar, Udit Misra.

The financial express. Urbanisation must get top priority, land use reforms critical: DLF chief. February 16, 2012. Rajat Guha, Rishi Raj.

Hindustantimes. Haryana. Living on the edge. January 7, 2012. Deevakar Anand.

The New York Times. Asia Pacific. In India, Dynamism Wrestles with Dysfunction. June 8, 2011. Jim Yardley.

VPRO. I am Gurgaon. The new Urban India. Video 2009. Marije Meerman.


The following authors graciously granted their permission to include ‘lines’ from their book about Gurgaon to be copied into our photographic book.

Dave Prager. Delirious Delhi. Inside India’s Incredible Capital. 2011.

Delirious Delhi


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